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Current Projects
Here's the list of beans I have made that are either available, in testing, or untested (no order). I like to get at least one teste run in per cross, or see it done by a buddy, before releasing a line. Sometimes lines don't get released due to under-performance. 

 GG4 x Tre OG
Matilda x Tre OG
Matilda/Willy x Tre OG
WiFi/Tres Sis x Tre OG
GG4/TK91 x Tre OG
Fatso x Billy Idle - Fat Billy
TK/PP x Billy Idle
FPOG/PP x Billy Idle - Prickly Pear
TK x Billy Idle - Peacemaker
HAOG x Billy Idle - Hell Billy
Matilda x Billy Idle
Perfect OG x Billy Idle - Peace Pipe
SFV/ TK x Billy Idle
AltitudeBreath F2
ChemD x AltBreath
Trinity BX1 x AltBreath
MGCookies x AltBreath
Fatso x AltBreath - Chuckwagon 
Wookies x AltBreath - Buffalo Gal
Fat Billy x Altbreath
TK x AltBreath
SherbS1 x Altbreath
Glass Slipper x Altbreath
BananaOG/Dosidos x AltBreath
Drive In x AltitudeBreath (AB F2) - Cattle Baron

I currently have tester plants of Fat Billy, Hell Billy, Peacemaker, gg4 x tre OG, from my work. I also have pure kush / bubba kush x wookies plants from seeds made by my partner, as well as:

•Bullet Belt (Scapegoat Genetics, GMO x Death Star / Mainline OG)
•Skelly OG (Cannarado, Skelly hashplant x Legend OG)

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