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New Grow
I’m on here starting this thread to document my new grow. I recently moved into a new place and am in the process of setting everything back up. It’s been a rough one in the garden the last couple of months between moving and everything. My old grow was in a basement where I built a room out of plywood and 2x4’s and such which did us well for a while. In my new grow I am going to go into tents to make set up a little quicker and easier and one big pot with living soil.

In the months before my move we had to cut down all of our bigger plants into clones to make them more manageable to be discrete with. We were left over with a bunch of extra clones, instead of killing them or throwing them out we decided to plant them outside and let them fend for themselves and give them a change to live lol. We planted them down near in the brush near a beach. Of the many clones we planted down there 3 survived the whole season by themselves no watering or nothing just nature, 2 male plants and 1 female. The female plant had been pollinated by either 1 or both of the male plants and a bunch of seeds. The smoke from that 1 female was great to my surprise lol. So we decided to start our new grow in our new spot with those seeds to see what comes of it. Right now we have 6 seedlings about 2 weeks old and we just put another 9 to germinate today so we can cull the males and grow the females out and hopefully find a keeper, but either way will be fun.

These are pictures from the 6 seedlings we got going now in order from #1-#6, I will continue to update this thread to document things through out the grow


Alriighttt so out of those 9 seeds I was popping I got 7 new seedlings so 13 of these seeds going all together now. I lost 2 seeds, 1 didn’t germinate and another one must’ve fell straight thru the hole of the rapid rooter since I turned it upside down and put a hole straight thru it lol. I guess I didn’t notice it fell thru, lol whatever tho. Seedlings 7-13 in picture order



                It’s pretty cold in the veg room right now, my fault for not having everything set up yet but everything seems to be holding up just fine. They’ve only been fed plain water, aloe water a couple of times, and just yesterday got some LAB and Plantain FFJ.

The only one that seems to not be doing well in the cold is #2, looking droopy and has a weird bubble growth in a fan leaf. Stem rub is very unique.. pungent, smells kinda like some type of spice you’d put on steak I can’t put my finger on it.

Ah, just realize I posted in the Synthetic section, this is organic.. maybe if a mod can move my post to the organic section? Also, can I change the font color this is hard to read

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