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Pheno hunts
Hi guys and gals of the grower community hope everyone's gardens are fantastic! 
I like many of you have hundreds of seeds to get through and was wondering if anyone has done a sog style grow from seed? Maybe a couple or 3 weeks on 18/6 then flip, take cuts after the stretch and go from there.
I have a few concerns... mainly in that they might hermie from stress of moving from veg to flower rooms while still immature plants. 
This happened to me years ago and even regulars hermied on me doing this but I feel it may of been from an accumulation of stress from switching, transplanting and a greatly intensified lighting setup all in one go. 
I would like to try it again but this time introduce them to the intenser light and transplant a week or so in advance of 12/12
Anybody have any exoerience doing this and could share their experience would be of great help
Stay blessed y'all ??
I do this and it works great for me to hunt through more beans with my limited space. Obviously if the genetics you are starting with are unstable you will have intersex traits either way. Check out CSI Humboldt on IG he ran a ton of beans 12/12 from seed in a bed.

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