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Plain Jane
Plain Jane is my newest addition. Its Orange Cookies x (Gorilla Glue #4 x Citrus Sap). Currently being tested now. I have handed out 150+ packs so far and have a couple buddies running a bunch as well. I have 44 seedlings going (out of 50). Between me and my Bros we have a couple hundred popped to see what we can find. All runts/weaklings will get tossed. We will hopefully find some nice ladies to work with and I will be looking for a couple studs to work on getting F2s made as well. I have confidence their will be some amazing keepers floating around. The parents used were carefully selected and nice in every way. I will update thread periodically with progress and any worthy info. Happy growing people!
heavily connected dropped 40 packs into the hands of some talented growers.. cant wait to see the outcome
Good luck it sounds like you have enough in play to find some keepers.
I cant wait to see the outcome as well. People are gonna like them for sure. And Im confident I will have a few to play with too. Will post pics later on for everybody to see as they progress
        I just popped a dozen and had 100% tails in 24 hrs?
(01-13-2019, 11:28 AM)Sgtd1377 Wrote: I just popped a dozen and had 100% tails in 24 hrs?

Thats great! My buddies and myself had great germ rates as well. I just popped 20 more last week just to make sure I have a decent sized selection to go through. All 20 were successful within 24 hours as well. All out of the dirt too. I now have 64 to play with total (tossed 1 so far because it was a super runt). The other 44 are looking great and taking right off. Keep me posted on your progress. Good luck with the hunt my friend!
though...this song has me thinking: Is Plain Jane one of Jewel's characters such as Louisa, or is she taking a long hard look at herself here?

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