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Bud porn
Going to start this off with some Swamp Donkey bud porn... hoping to keep this thread Topic swamp Donkey Seeds.
Suplex is a name We gave to this selection of #UFC very fitting as it’s strong! When smoked you better get ready for Suplex. (Leeroy x Cherry Mtn.) but being just strong isn’t why we selected her. She has a very unique gassy quality to her and some very killer Bag Apeal. Just 1 of many great Selections to come out of the UFC line.
any pics and opinions on Sled Dawg? Thanks in advance
One of the unintended consequences of the internet was to give the most unintelligent people the loudest voices.


Sled Dawg
(White Dawg x Cherry mt.)
THC: 20-24%
Flower: Time: 63 Days
Yields: Above Average
Info:with Sled Dawg you can expect to get a cotton candy/cherry soda flavors with different phenotypes expressing some added kushy - skunky ness. Early frost production is very common in this cross. Phenotypes showing purple are also very common. Big thanks to (Top Dawg Seeds and Bodhi Seeds for allowing us to make this cross happen.

(01-10-2019, 06:55 PM)CobbCreekBob Wrote: any pics and opinions on Sled Dawg? Thanks in advance

The mom to the sled dawg passed on during a move to Cali from Alaska. The mom was found during search we did years ago when white Dawg seeds (top Dawg) were still around. Original ones that is. The dad came from a pack of cherry mountain seeds that (bodhi seeds) released years ago. There was crazy limited packs ever released and back then most were ceized by customs and last I herd maybe 10 packs made it to the public.
We called him frosty nuts and he’s still around. Same male we used with our hole cherry mountain line.

I put up couple pics but I’ll get more up as a pull them from hard drives.

If there’s some specific traits or something your interested in just ask I’ll be more then happy to answer.
that was great info I was needing, thank you very much
One of the unintended consequences of the internet was to give the most unintelligent people the loudest voices.


Purple Mind Fuck (peyote Purple x Thunder Fuck

Few more pics of the PMF

Last of the Purple Mind Fuck ✌?
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