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Strawberry Clusterfunk
[Image: WgTkS87.jpg]

Realigned everything...just got some CherryLegend droppings from the stork, in NICU right now but I think they're stable...gonna finish their day with a 20w glow, clonex dip and Coco stuffing...cuz fuck rooters...Coco works ? hi5
[Image: 3YBWGsm.jpg]

They're coming along. Got a few couldn't cope with the transition to LED...or it's just the SS/bb thing. Fuckin Mendel

I'ma just do my updates like so

There's some StrawberryHashplant in there, CodeGrape, and CherryLegend. Couple SourBubbles for good measure.

Been lazy, need to get adjustable hangers for my light to keep em in the zone. Thinking when my clones root I'ma veg em another week into their pots and do the damn thing.

Also got a StrawberryHashplant male that reeks of them strawberry terps when you twist a branch, a Sour Grape male that has that kush funk + an undertone of something, can't put my nose on it. & A SourBubble male with that pure kush funk, hints of fossil fuels and ancient terps. These are flowering already out back at my boy's house.

SHP f2's
SB*CodeGrape, CherryLegend, SHP
Wake up pplz #woke #coffee #folgers #nothingcomesclosertohome

That would be the Stouffer's jingle. Lasagna.

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