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Canna Montana (CBDawg13 x Diehard) 
*Cbdawg = (G13 x ChemD) x (Cannatonic 18:1 x LemonStomperF3)
*Diehard = (AlienKushF2 x Harlequin)

Alien Train (PurpleTrain x Diehard)
*PurpleTrain = (PurpleTears x Locomotion)
*Diehard = (AlienKushF2 x Harlequin)

Grape White Shark (GrapeDank x Diehard)
*GrapeDank (GrapeGorillaGush x JSD The Pink Lady Pheno)

Pagani Zilvertip (Grand Daddy Silvertip x Testa Rossa) 
*GrandDaddySilvertip = (Montana Silvertip x Kens GDP)
*TestaRossa = (Zkittles x (Magnum Opus x Zkittles)
This is the current list of what’s in and out of my  garden at the moment. It is always forever changing, and I’m always popping new seeds to hunt for that special lady in my life!!! Jah Bless 

HARPO = White Widow x Green Crack

JILLY BEAN = Orange Velvet x Space Queen 

LOCAL SKUNK = Original Diesel x Cuddlefish HP x Sour Diesel ibl X Skelly Hashplant x SSSC Skunk 1

BANANA FIRE OG = Banana OG x Fire OG BX2 

SUNDAE DRIVER = Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape  Pie

GMO(Skunks Cut) = Chemdawg x GSC 

MEKONG RESERVE = Triangle Kush x Private Reserve OG

NORTHERN LIGHTS = ?? Thai x Afghani ??

KHALIFA KUSH S1 =?? Unknown Lineage??
Isn’t Khalifa kush a kosher kush Pheno?
IG: @ayefoodog
Nice offerings

And nice lineup

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