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Alien Lime Fighter F1
This is the product of a selective breeding project during 2018, very uniform and fast growing plants, will take about 70 days to show some amber and it has a lot of lemonene.

Alien Lime Fighter is (Lemon Garlic OG x Starfighter) BY LED_Seedz MALE with an Alien Rift by Ocean Grown Seeds FEMALE.

Pics of the plants and buds.

[Image: cb35270c373920f511fac9d5e1e412855e5397a3.jpg]
[Image: 7f90316a616b1b6e0843b052cab3b30447d0e2f5.jpg]
Hey bro I followed you at Overgrow, wondered where you got to. Congrats on going from newbie to breeder so quickly. And discovering a new Terpene...lemonene.

Best of luck on your endeavor, i'll be following closely.
Well well well. Look who we found here. Been looking for different forums. You know for a bit of variety like and I stumbled across mad. What are the chances. ha

Wasn't the lemon garlic OG only released as a tester bro? Not sure I'd even wanna "breed" anything with anything that was likely f1 I imagine you're gonna find a lot of recessive traits you ain't gonna want but best of luck.
Nice one brother mad! just got back in from the cattle raid and seen this, how can we resist? even for free it's a steal. I'm always on the look out for some new beans, we're all getting sick of heinz here. We need something more potent now that the rutting season is over and my sack is near empty.
have you installed the utility of the midi fighter? i was having the same problem and downloaded the utility and mappings. after i loaded it up, it worked
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